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Prepare for the Black Friday – performance tests


November is probably one of the most important months for the sales industry, especially the last Friday of this month has the biggest value for salesmen and customers. If you are the owner of some internet store you know it perfectly well. Black Friday, as we call this sale’s holiday is an amazing phenomenon in the e-commerce world. Customers start searching occasions in the internet shops already on Thursday and sellers preparing their websites to this load much earlier. Black Friday is coming, so worth picking up mind on performance your website.

The internet store which perfectly managing customers’ load traffic will bring profits. The store will work fluently, serve all customers, orders will following in but are you sure that everything will work as perfect as you think? Worth to check it! Now you have the best moment to test your store about performance. If you start checking the capacity of your website just now, you will have more time for fixing performance bugs and get rid of bottlenecks. Our clients attract attention to performance testing too and let our developers and testers work with improving their websites to avoid situations where some clients will not purchase products that they need. The one client which can not finish their order is not a problem, but 30 000 clients which can not do anything, because the shop crashed are a serious huge issue! Yes it possible scenario, especially on Black Friday. If we are considering threats, let’s try to list possible cases from the lowest to the highest level of risk.

The lowest level of risk have cases where single clients can’t finish their order. It can be frustrating for the client, but the customer always may try to finish the order in a moment, if it fails it won’t be a big loss for sale. The second threat which is possible to happen is slow down your website. It does not sound so scary, because clients still may make orders but only a little slower, so if is it a real problem? Sure! Even biggest than single clients who may not finish their order. Why? Because the user whos waits for loading the page longer than 1-3 seconds start to be angry. It is confirmed by research! So what does the user is bored by waiting for the website? Looking for the new, faster option, where probably will make shopping. It looks similar to the previous case but this issue concern not one but all users, so how many customers will resign for shopping because the website has poor performance? It depends on their patience but probably a lot. The worst scenario which can happen is a total crash of the server which hosts the website. If your store is integrated with Google Analytics you perfectly know how many visitors your website normally has.

You should prepare for the biggest load because differences between normal sales day and Black Friday can be huge especially if you going to introduce a big promotion for your products. So if your server gives up, no one does not shop. Performance tests let you check if your website is ready for traffic which your assumption. You will know your site strength, you will have time to fix all bugs and finally, you will be ready for the craziest sales day in the year. Everything that you should do to achieve it is taken care of performance testing.

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