Migrations to Magento

Do you need a professional e-commerce platform? Move your shop to Magento.

We know that using an e-commerce SASS platform or open source solution for your online business requires a lot of money when establishing a new brand. After a while, you can hit the ceiling because of the limitations of your platform. When you do not have full control over the source code, making your business unique is going to be impossible. In this case, it is time to migrate your shop to Magento 2.

Benefits of using Magento 2

  • Better performance
  • Modular architecture
  • User friendly admin panel
  • Simple checkout
  • Quarterly updates and improvements
  • Test automation
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Migrations to Magento


Are you battling with an outdated E-commerce platform?


If you are currently trading online and are frustrated with the scalability of the platform you’re using, then Magento is the ideal solution. If you’re struggling to run your business efficiently with a shopfront that looks old or juggling with modules that are outdated, Magento will seem like a breath of fresh air to you.
The bottom line is; if you’re battling away with a platform that’s slowly being left to die by its creators, you need to ask yourself if now is the time to stop throwing good money after bad. At the end of the day, there is a limit to how much you should invest in an outdated and outmoded platform.


Increase conversion and profitability


The real cost of working with an outdated platform is probably much greater than you realize. If you know that your online success is being hampered by a slow and archaic platform, you probably also know that you need to do something about it. However, it’s often seen by online traders as a big decision to switch platform. But by working with the right team you can achieve your online objectives in less time and at a significantly lower real cost than you imagine.
Moving to Magento from old e-commerce systems is our daily bread!


You can move your Prestashop, Shopify, Bigcommerce or Woocommerce to Magento:


A stunning buyer interface that makes life easy for customers, so increases sales

Flexibility to do what you want to do to improve your online sales

Increased conversions and profitability

Opportunity to accept global payments via a host of different methods including PayPal, Google, Amazon and Apple Pay

A scalable solution that grows as your business grows


Why Magento is the perfect E-commerce solution


Complete, easy to editing opportunities

Access to a platform that’s constantly being updated

An SEO friendly online presence

Simple back-end admin

Opportunity to avail of add-on modules and extensions to enhance your online shop even further

The capability to sell globally with different language stores


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