Server monitoring

Sleep safe knowing that we are monitoring your servers and keeping them up and running 24/7

We know how crucial it is for the business owner to decrease their stress. When an online shop is the only source of your income, we can imagine how stressed you would be if your shop was not loading.

To avoid that situation and minimize the risk related to data loss, we provide:

  • monitoring of your server and its parameters like: CPU, RAM, disk, network
  • backups of database and files on remote servers
  • safely storage of your project files (excluding images) on a separate server for code versioning from the beginning of our partnership
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Server monitoring

What we've done
  • Magento 1 & 2 Development
  • Performance Optimization / Hosting
  • Mobile Optimization / RWD
  • Magento B2B & B2C Magento Shops
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Monitor E-commerce Sites


Site Functionality


The main tenet of eCommerce sites is that a customer has the ability to purchase online. Even if one page has an error, it could affect sales tremendously. The best online monitoring software will not only notify you of a problem, but offer a solution to fix it. Online retailers are constantly adding new products and pages to their store, and want those items to sell. Constant monitoring of an online store is the only way to safeguard and correct problems as they come.

backups of database and files on remote servers


Database quickly to restore


It is not terrible for any failure when all data is secured. Every day, we make a copy of the database of our clients’ shops, so that in case of any problems, we can quickly restore the sales data, products, shipments, invoices and so on.

This happens very rarely, but it is worth to feel safe!


Files quickly to restore


We always store copies of files on secure servers. We keep all the data including their history. If for some reason, you will need files from 178 days and 10 hours, we will find them very quickly 🙂

Your files are always secure. The exception are image files that we do not store.


Monitor servers’ CPU, RAM, disk, network


Higher CPU utilization could be one of the factor which might affect performance but same can also be impacted due to higher disk utilization, network traffic or memory deficiency. Basically Load average value means that how many processes are waiting for CPU cycles which in turn would be busy or waiting for disk IO or Memory to respond.

It’s our work to monitor and understand the dependency of all those factors.


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