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Need for speed – Magento speed optimization


“Subconsciously, you don’t like to wait,” said Arvind Jain, a Google engineer specialized in speed. The research from Akamai laboratory shows that 47% of customers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. At the same time 52% respondents admitted, that quick page is crucial for their loyalty while shopping online.

Loading time versus Page Abandonment

Loading time versus Page Abandonment


Increasing the speed activities of your online store allows you to increase your sales. According to Amazon: “Reducing time of page loading of 100ms = increase customer conversion rate by 1%.” In 2009, a study by Forrester Research found that online shoppers expected pages to load in two seconds or fewer — and at three seconds; a large share abandons the site. Only three years earlier a similar Forrester study found the average expectations for page load times were four seconds or fewer. “Two hundred fifty milliseconds, either slower or faster, is close to the magic number now for competitive advantage on the Web,” said Harry Shum, a computer scientist and speed specialist at Microsoft. Google engineers have discovered in 2012 that even 400 milliseconds may be too long to wait for customers. Now we have 2014? And expectations are higher and higher.

How Website Performance Affects Shopping Behavior

How Website Performance Affects Shopping Behavior

As you can see on the attached graph from KISS metrics which was based on Akamai laboratory results, 47 % of consumers expect a web page load in 2 seconds or less. That seems logical if 40% of users will abandon a website being loaded longer than 3 seconds. For impatient users speed is important and they attached it with loyalty, and satisfaction. Shopper who is dissatisfied with website won’t buy from it again (79% of interviewers). What is more according to Dimensional Research people more gladly share they bad than good experience after buying online. It is very human thing to brag about bad experiences and that’s why the cost here is high. If your website is slow your business is losing not only your current clients, but also their possible recommendations (the best marketing you can have).


Not only flash technology and fat pictures and interactive data, that should be always properly optimized for web. Is the common user behavior; downloading maps, video clips, sports highlights, news updates or recommendations for nearby restaurants via mobile devices. The problem is these devices weren’t built for such an internet usage and traffic that massive. To meet that need means earning some serious money.

On the other hand to satisfy customer you have to be fast and beautiful and that’s the crucial battle between this two goals. All things we do to impress our user visually: interactive graphics developed using javascript, jquery or flash will slower your site, if you wan’t use any speed optimization solutions. Need for speed is on! If you would like to check the research mentioned at the beginning of this post fallow the Akamai link.

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