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Subscription selling in Magento


For customers, the price is often a difficult barrier to overcome when the product is expensive. If you are thinking about how helping users decide, you should read this article.

In stores that sell electronics, household goods or home tools, the prices often are calculating in thousands. Unable to spend such a large amount of money at one time, customers often give up their purchases.

Our client, to meet the customers’ needs, asked to implement the possibility of renting products through the Magento platform.

How to make a subscription selling model using Magento?

We used the “billwerk.io” system support to achieve the goal. Billwerk.io is the system created for subscription sales. However, it works completely independently. To make the renting possible by the Magento store we created a dedicated module that communicates with billwerk.io through the REST API.


Subscription selling in Magento


React checkout

The above picture shows a simple order process. As you can see payments are managed completely by an external system. To enable Magento © to place orders without spoiling the standard flow, we created an independent cart and checkout using REACT. It is connected by the API with Magento Engine and the billwerk.io system.

All orders in one place

Subscription orders are processed with a separated mechanism, but the client can track orders statuses and check information about all orders in the standard Magento panel. The payment method filter can be used to search subscription orders.

Subscription selling in Magento

The client can check a billwerk.io order status on the standard Magento order admin page. Contract data are synchronized automatically by the CRON job wich connecting through the Billwek API.

Subscription selling in Magento

After confirming payment the shipping process is standard, so the client does not have to create separate flow specifically for rented products.

Flexible settings

The client can decide which products can be available in the subscription selling, and also what the price should be for different rental periods. The user is presented with a transparent view of the purchase and renting options for the selected period.

Subscription selling in Magento

After clicking “add to cart” he is transferred to the, previously mentioned, dedicated to subscription, basket.

The problem…

As with every implementation of new functionality, there were also problems this time.

The store product complexity was the greatest. Often these are bundles containing many products with different parameters. Although on the start integration with Billwerk was troublesome because of this. With close cooperation with the billwerk.io team, we managed to create a fully functional tool enabling the rental of products directly through Magento.

This implementation shows how many uses Magento can have. If you have an idea for alternative sales methods and you are not sure if your Magento store can handle it – contact us. We will find a solution together!

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